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picture3-r2Our goals here at Synapse Orthopedic Group are to eliminate any anxiety our patients may have when visiting our office. Our friendly staff will always greet you courteously and handle your every need with care and precision. We strive to make each and every visit a pleasant one.

Your First Visit at Synapse Orthopedic Group

Medical-legal evaluations are lengthy and complex and require further data gathering, which include medical history, physical examination and various diagnostic tests.

As medical professionals, we aim to be clear and concise by providing up front information about your diagnosis because we understand that medical information can be difficult to understand at times. By practicing these simple procedures, our patients will leave here happy and prepared for their next visit. Synapse Orthopedic Group is dedicated to providing top notch medical service to best fit each patient’s needs in order for them to achieve optimal health.

Synapse Orthopedic Office Policies

  • Our patients all have different needs. It is best if you avoid bringing children to our offices, as they may become disruptive and disturbing to others.
  • Privacy is extremely important to us, please keep your case and condition private.
  • Cell phones are also disruptive. Please refrain from using cell phones in the waiting area. If need be, please exit the waiting room to use cell phone.
  • Filming of any sort is not allowed on the premises. This includes audio, please refrain from recording during your visit.
  • Parking is $2 with validation in our Sherman Oaks location. To receive validation, please bring your ticket to one of our friendly staff at the reception area. Our Beverly Hills office is $20.25 and validation is not offered for our patients. Our Pomona office has free parking.

Synapse Orthopedic Group Prescription Policy:

If one of the Synapse Doctors prescribes any pain medication, it is critical that no other physician provides you with the same type of medication. If we are notified that you are receiving pain medication from another physician, we will request that your care be transferred from our office. Preventing or stopping prescription drug abuse is extremely important to Synapse Medical Group and will not be tolerated.